E-Mail Marketing:

Direct Marketing Done Right

Why Email Marketing?

*Keep in touch with current customers and clients.  Maintain Top-of-mind awareness

*Position yourself as the expert in your field.  Make sure you’re the one that your customers and prospects think of turning to when they have a question about your field. 

*Establish contact with people who visit your website and express interest in a newsletter from you. If they aren’t already your customers, they’re really good prospects if they’re interested in hearing from you via a newsletter.  

Genesis Tech can help you get started with professional-looking email marketing campaigns. We can help you determine which kind of email campaign would work best for your business, and which program is the most cost-effective for you, as well.

Of course, with email campaigns, you want to be sure to abide by the anti-spam laws.  It’s just good business, anyway.  We can help you make sure that everything you’re doing is not only legal, but part of best-business practices for email marketers.

If you’ve been handling your own email campaigns with just your own email software, like Outlook or Gmail, we can show you how much it can be easier to use another system.  Some of the systems we work with can track very specific details about your email campaign that you just can’t track with a normal email that you send yourself.

For instance, would you like to know who opened your email, what time they looked at it, how many times they read it, whether or not they clicked on the links to your website, whether they send the email along to someone else, etc.?  All that information is available to help you track the success of your email campaign.

Or, if you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, we have links below to two excellent email programs that we use the most often.  We believe that either of the following programs would be a good choice for anyone who is comfortable setting up their own email campaigns.

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