E-Commerce:Online Selling

Would you like to hire an extra salesperson who works 24/7, never takes a coffee break or a sick day, and doesn’t need social security, insurance benefits, etc?

You can put your website to work for you, selling products and services online.  E-commerce opens up new markets for your goods and services, and helps you reach customers that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to talk to.


We can help you determine the best mix of products and services to offer on your website (you may find that you can offer things online that you don’t offer at your bricks-and-mortar location, and make more money more easily.)  We can also help you navigate all the ins-and-outs of setting up your e-commerce website store, helping you figure out what shopping cart system to use, whether or not to use Paypal (great for some businesses, not a good idea for others), etc.

If you already have an e-commerce website, but need to make changes to make it easier for you to update, or to help potential customers find it more easily, we can help with that, too.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer:  If you already have a lot of online expertise and want to see our product offerings for the do-it-yourselfer, click here if you prefer to order it yourself online at our Genesis Websites store.