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One way to drive more traffic to your main website is to set up a blog, in which you often provide links to related pages on your site. 

Blogs continue to grow in popularity, as people head to the internet to share ideas and information. 

Globalink can help you set up your own blog.  Our Globalink marketers can help you decide what kind of a blog will best suit your needs and interests, and of course, what to do to get as many people as possible involved in your discussion (so that you can send more people to your website.) 

We can even set it up so that only people can post comments to your blog, not machines that go around spamming everyone’s blogs.  We can make the look of blogs special and unique for you. 

“Blogs 101” 

  • Blog is a term that’s short for “web log”. 
  • It’s a website that is a special format that makes it easy for you to quickly post your own information.  (No special software or editing skills required.)
  • Blogs are normally updated on a regular basis, although each update can be fairly short
  • Blogs allow people to share information, usually posted in chronological order, so that the newest posts are at the top
  • You can post news information, opinions, “how-to” explanations, helpful hints that your customers could benefit from, etc. 
  • Blogs allow people to share whatever information they want to post for others to see.  It can be a way to share what’s on your mind.  Some people even use blogs as a sort of not-so-personal diary. 
  • In some blogs, visitors can post comments and/or email their comments to you.  (Optional feature)
  • The exact formats and types of blogs vary.  There are really no rules for how to do a blog.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

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